September 2012 


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Les Félipous 


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The road leading down to the picturesque Chapel of La Souhaitier by the River Rance estuary in Cote d'Armor was lined with creatively designed Scarecrows (Epouventails) during the summer months.  Most carried an umbrella giving an indication of this summer's metrological conditions!


Known locally as "Les Félipous" meaning fais-lui peur in Gallo, the scarecrows are placed there by the inhabitants of the Plouër-sur-Rance area in  France in order to promote friendliness and community spirit.


The scarecrows have been exhibited during the summer for some years.  The original idea was to encourage neighbours to get to know each other better.


At the end of August, the scarecrows are wheeled down the hill on wheel barrows and burned on a bonfire by the estuary.  The community  then  celebrate with a picnic on the slipway going down to the river.


Here are some of the creations from 2012.



Rain expected

Pret pour l'ete en Bretagne!


Rainy day in pink

Scarecrow  by shrine