Jennie Poate, Regional Manager for Siddalls France,

writes about her move to France and life in Normandy


Content written and provided by Jennie Poate of Sidalls



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Jennie is Regional Manager for Siddalls France,

Independent Financial Advisers to the expatriate community in France


Siddalls advisers in France are there to provide support and up-to-date information on any issues that may affect your finances when becoming a French resident. They are able to explain the rules and how they will affect you, in a language you will understand, identifying any problem areas that need to be addressed and suggesting personalised solutions. Jennie Poate joined Siddalls France in 2008 and is the Regional Manager for Brittany, Normandy and Picardy. She tells us her story...

My arrival in France:

We originally bought our house in Normandy as a very enthusiastic renovation project. This was over 9 years ago, and bit by bit the roof and walls have been repaired. This was going to be our holiday home and quiet country retreat with land enough for a smallholding, my dream come true.


We loved the life, and the way of life and those long term plans became shorter and shorter. We upped sticks from Portsmouth; me, husband, mum, dog and cats. I really wanted to immerse myself in village life and not feel like the outsider. I joined a local sports team and was lucky enough to find temporary work on a farm which helped improve my French. My wonderful French neighbour always says its "obligatoire" if you live here to speak French.


Jennie Poate 

Jennie Poate - Siddalls Regional Manager for Brittany, Normandy and Picardy


My love of life and adventurous spirit comes from a very sporting background. I was fortunate to have represented my country in several different sports. I even once held the British Welly Boot Throwing record; handy when living in the country!


Having had a strong background as an IFA in the UK, I am now armed with a good level of French. More importantly though is that I understand the reality of living here which is certainly no bed of roses compared with the odd two weeks on holiday. My heart overruled my head in coming here to live, but now I am truly settled.

I was able to put to good use my qualifications, and my recent experiences when joining Siddalls and now cover the Brittany, Normandy and Picardy regions. I enjoy my job because it gives me the opportunity to travel and see more of France. I love meeting new people and using my experience to help my clients achieve what they want with their finances.

On a day-to-day basis I advise clients on how their UK based investments and pensions are taxed in France and how they can make the most out of French regulations.

If you would like to contact Jennie for more information or to arrange an initial appointment phone our head office 05 56 34 75 51 or email


Advertorial - content provided by Jennie Poate of Sidalls



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