The Vaux Hardy Alpaca Farm
 Bazouges La Perouse, Brittany


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On a hillside with magnificent views of the near-by forest and rolling fields that stretch into the distance, the Vaux Hardy Alpaca farm is situated close to Bazouges  La Perouse in the Ile et Villaine department of Brittany.    Norman and Orla have worked hard to renovate their dream home and develop Orla's dream of Alpaca rearing.  In addition to the Alpacas they have horses and other pets.  They moved to France in 2005 and after four years their farmhouse is well on the way to completion and the Alpacas have settled in to their new surroundings. 

The Alpaca originates from South America where there over three million animals to be found.  Some of these are not pure as they have been crossed with Llamas.  It is about ninety centimetres tall, lives for around twenty years and has a beautiful coat that comes in a variety of colours – up to twenty-two.  With a long neck supporting a very cute head and face the Alpaca’s eyes are reminiscent of  Disney’s “Bambi” , being big, loving and inquisitive. The Aplaca’s diet is mainly hay and grass.

This gentle, intelligent animal produces between two six kilos of naturally allergen free and fire resistant wool which is of a very high quality and much sought after.  Due to the large natural colour range this does not need dying.  The fleece can be used for clothes, duvets and blanket production.

The Alpaca is also an interesting and rewarding pet interacting well with humans and can be trained but is also sociable and enjoys the company of other Alpacas.   Its feet are padded and do not churn up pasture.  Owning Alpacas can be fun and a hobby or serious as regards wool production and the selective breeding that results in pedigree Alpacas.  There are a number of Alpaca associations to join and you can also take part in Alpaca shows.

Norman and Orla leading their horses

The Alpaca has adapted well to the French climate and Alpaca farming is on the increase in France.  At Vaux Hardy the aim is to breed genetically pure alpacas, selectively bred to produce good wool quantities.  The Alpacas are more than just a business venture to Orla and Norman as they are individually loved and very well cared for.

To find out more about Alpacas in France go to the Vaux Hardy website www.vauxhardys.com

Vaux Hardys,

35560 Bazouges La Perouse,


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Three Alpacas


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