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Duncan Smith

Duncan Smith, Tree Surgeon

Whether it be saving the life of an ailing tree or removing trees that have become totally dangerous or have been planted in an unsuitable locations then Duncan Smith is your man. Duncan knows his craft and loves and respects the trees and plants with which he works.

Duncan, who is a professionally trained tree surgeon, relocated to the Cote d’Armor area of France four years ago and has found plenty of work - most of which is by recommendation.  Duncan is a professional with a French siret number and is fully insured - which latter is essential in view of the risks there can be. when practicing the craft of tree surgeons in Brittany.  Duncan taking the last branches from a dangerous willowHe trained at Cannington College in Somerset and is NPTC qualified - National Proficiency Training Council - which is an international qualification. To the many who do not know what that is it means that he is formally qualified in forestry, arboriculture and the handling of chain saws.

Duncan’s knowledge of the ailments with which trees and also shrubs can suffer is extensive and he would never fell a tree or remove a shrub, if there were an alternative solution unless, of course, it was causing its owner difficulty due to bad positioning.  He is proficient in all aspects of tree care and can extend the life of very old trees and bring them back to new life. 

When actually felling trees safety and lack of damage to the areas surrounding the problem tree is of paramount importance.  To this end Duncan is equipped with safety boots with spikes, safety helmet and goggles.  He also wears ear protection as the noise of the chain saw could cause damage to his ear drums.  He has a range of saws –specifically designed for the task in question. He has taken down or removed dangerous branches from trees in all sorts of locations including felling a big tree with heavy branches  that was growing over a glass conservatory with no damage to the glass at all. He is pictured here in the process of felling a huge weeping willow that sadly had been planted in a small courtyard garden and dangerously close to surrounding property.

Other aspects of Duncan's work are hedge cutting, planting and maintenance.  He also offers advice on choosing and planting trees, hedges and shrubs. 

Phone:  Mobile +33 (0) 6 26 21 11 45