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The mind has a very powerful influence upon the body and when we feel good this has a very positive effect upon our physical selves, hence the phrase "well-being".  The healer combines the channelling of the universal life force or chi energy with profound healing properties of crystals to "kick-start" the patient into a self-healing process giving the body the extra energy it needs to heal itself.  Healing often speeds up the healing process of the body quite dramatically but conventional medicine is absolutely necessary and crystal therapy complements and assists this. 

Philippa only treats people who have consulted a doctor regarding their illness as she is a firm believer in conventional medicine augmented  by the extra strength given by healing.  Philippa has a Siret number and is  legally qualified for her work in France.

Some of the information about healing and crystals has been taken from "MEDICINE CARDS" by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  Published by St Martins Press New York.

Philippa sells a range of crystal jewellery.

Philippa Wood is a Reiki master and crystal healer.  She studied with the International College of  of Crystal Healing for three years and obtained 6 credits with OCN which is a government recognised healing qualification in England, working  with Medicine Cards  and other forms of divination.

Phillipa became a healer approximately five to six years ago after receiving healing herself with remarkable results.  Philippa's aim is to bring joy and well being into the lives of others and to this end she teaches crystal and intuitive healing and Reiki. 

Crystal healing is easier to comprehend by understanding that all matter is energy.  Quantum physics show that what we perceive to be solid matter is actually 99.99% space filled with energy.  Many alternative medicines, such as acupuncture, work on the energetic systems within the body.  This energy is known as universal/divine life force energy or chi and is present within all living things. 


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Content provided  by  Philippa Wood




Philippa is a keen horsewoman -

she is pictured right holding the leading rein on one of her ponies.