at Notre Dame de Guildo, Cote d'Armor, Brittany




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The Pont Rene PlevenLeaving Notre Dame Guildo and just after crossing the Rene Pleven Bridge which spans the River Arguenon - look out for the turning on the left that takes you down to the slip and the left bank of the Arguenon.  The bridge has historically proved of great benefit to the area and replaces an older wooden version.  Crossing the river by foot was dangerous as the tides moved up so quickly - as in the Channel Islands there is a huge rise and fall.  Also the sandbanks moved with the currents and crossing on foot or even horseback was not without peril.

Art Gallery Notre Dame de GuildoYou will arrive at a delightful group of old granite houses which line the slip and little hill coming down to the sea.  Opposite the slip and across the River Arguenon estuary is the Chateau du Guildo

Les Pierres Sonnantes du Petit Bois are huge stones made from Amphibole and if you throw an amphibole pebble at them they make a silvery singing sound.  Amphibole is a bisilicate of calcium and magnesium and one of the hardest rocks on earth.  Like a diamond, it can scratch glass. 

According to legend the stones were vomited up by the Giant Gargantua when he was walking through the area having eaten them in error.

To find the stones involves walking a short way along the beach and there are white painted arrows which point the way to the stones.

One of the attractions is a traditional Breton house which is covered with wisteria and beautiful.  It is used as an art gallery with different displays on view.  Apart from the art visiting the house is fascinating as some of the furnishings and decor and traditional Breton.

Chateau du Guildo

Painting in Art Gallery Notre Dame de Guildo