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The Depot Vente concept is a very popular way of selling unwanted items in France.


Depot VenteThere are countless Depot Ventes throughout the Brittany area.  All are strictly regulated by French authorities  

The items on sale are coded and priced and once sold the money remitted to the vendor whilst the Depot Vente keeps a percentage as a commission.  The purchaser then has a week in which the goods can be returned should they be faulty.



Channel Island buyers are frequently surprised to see English furniture from the fifties and early sixties that they rejected long ago.  These items are particularly popular in France!   


Paradise for the bargain hunter and especially the owner of an older Breton house who wants an authentic look, Depot Vente browsing can become almost addictive.


Kitchen units, old cookers, furniture in various conditions from nearly new to antique jostle for attention with numerous smaller items such as ornaments, clocks and pictures.

 Rugs, children’s toys, records and shelves of books are also frequently on sale as are gardening tools, statues, rugs


Sabrina Termet in  Gallerie de l'Ocasion Depot VenteSabrina Termet  runs the Galerie de l’Occasion in Dinan with her husband Bruno .Sabrina has worked with the family business for a great deal of her life but has also worked in the United States and for a while lived and worked in Jersey.  She took over the business from her mother Maryvonne who has now retired ! 


Sabrina combines the business with bringing up two young children.  Her English is perfect.  The Galerie de l’Occasion is huge but organised methodically into sections. 


Pianola - Old automatically playing piano

There are of course antiques such as this pianola which is adjacent to a huge old gramphone with brass horn.  If you look at the picture of Sabrina (top right) you will see some beautiful antique "armoires". 



Pianola - piano which plays automatically



The Galerie de l'Occasion is found by taking a right turn into the industrial estate at the roundabout going into Dinan from the Ploubalay road approach. (The roundabout with the old city wall in the middle)  Carry straight along this road and you will soon find it!


Sabrina left with her mother Maryvonne right