Impressions of Giverny -

The House  created by Monet in Normandy





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Every season has something to offer in the gardens created by Claude Monet at Giverny.  The gardens surround the house where Monet spent the remainder of his life painting  - particularly inspired by his water lily covered lake.

The house itself was considered "modern" when Monet moved there and his unique appreciation of colour is translated into the themes of the rooms. 

Giverny was faithfully restored to Monet's original design and attracts many, many visitors from all over the world.

There are indeed a lot of visitors but the organisation is excellent and it is worth the occasional wait to get inside the house and gardens.  This is an unforgettable experience.

The kitchen

The Dining Room

This part of Normandy is particularly beautiful and Claude Monet loved it so much he settled here.  He was somewhat dismayed at the number of other artists who followed him and settled in the area, forming their own clique.

Many of their haunts including the the Ancien hôtel Baudy, Rue Claude Monet can also be visited.