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Elizabeth Jeffs offers a range of exciting and new beauty treatments including non surgical face lifts, massage and reflexology as well as many others in the Morbihan department of Brittany and also in Jersey. 


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Elizabeth Jeffs  is a fully trained beautician and massage therapist trained in Swedish  and lymphatic drainage as well as relaxation.  She trained in the UK as a reflexologist and at the  British Academy Western Medical Acupuncturist BAWMA licac.  Elizabeth is also a trained Mental Health Nurse with live registration and has worked both in the UK and in Jersey for many years.

Since moving to rural Brittany with her family, she has re-established Lotus Blossom Institute which is based at her home in La Genardière in Morbihan and offers a wide range of specialist treatments in her therapy room.  Elizabeth believes in her treatments which are delivered with specialist care and training and is certain that each client will leave feeling energised, relaxed and rejuvenated by any combination of treatments.

Prior to becoming a registered mental health nurse, Elizabeth worked as a counsellor, mainly working with women who had issues with their sense of identity and self esteem which often manifests itself in poor choice in relationships, eating disorders and general self loathing as well as abuse of body with drugs, alcohol or sex. 

Elizabeth worked with women and men who believed they were not worthy.  She concentrated on healing from within but also looking at ways which would improve posture, eye contact and of course self worth and esteem!!  She continued to work with women and men in Mental Health Services and always incorporated these things and did make it possible for women and men to feel they could make changes in a positive manner and feel worthy about themselves. This always has a positive effect on peoples choices and lifestyles for the better.

 A fully trained reflexologist and acupuncturist with the BAWMA (British Academy Of Western Medical Acupuncture), she is an Academy trained Aesthetox Nurse and can also treat lines and wrinkles with Botox injections and Restylane line filler. Elizabeth uses many Chinese methods of treatment including Non Surgical Facelift Treatment - the Chinese facial rejuvenation hailed by stars such as Kim Catteril and recently featured on both UK and USA daytime TV.  Included in the treatment range are some auricular acupuncture for weight loss and addiction such as stop smoking.

 To quote Elizabeth: “I have always been interested in alternatives and massage. Reflexology beauty and acupuncture allow me to use both physical and psychological tools to help someone feel better, look better and have a better quality of life. 

When someone is in pain - physical or psychological - whole areas of there lives are affected and often sleeping patterns become disturbed, and this affects the bodies ability to regenerate and renew skin to utilise the day’s nutrients to replenish the body systems and fight infection for example.  So the skin is dull, the lines appear, there is an over reliance on caffeine or other stimulants, the body tires, the brain doesn't function, irritability depression, relationship problems develop. I think we all know how this happens. We don’t often have the ability to see it ourselves until something does happen unfortunately!  

I see my role as someone who can help put the brakes on!  

My suggestion - Allow some 'me time', relax, have some therapy to ease tensions and aid sleep, relieve pain and restore the body and soothe the mind and be beautiful inside and out. 

I have a great fascination with facial rejuvenation and have had some wonderful results with my own tailor made version of the acupuncture face lift and facial rejuvenation treatments. I like to massage too and enjoy the therapeutic aspect of treatments which give the client an overwhelming sense of well being.  I also use dermabrasion crystals (white fused Aluminium Oxide which I order from the US from a mine in Loveland and they enable me to give  a wonderful dermabrasion of the skin leaving it fresh and new and silky to touch. I use a Belle Santé Machine with caviar or marine collagen for an amazing facial for my clients.Lotus

Elizabeth can be contacted on 0033 (0)2 97939023



Content for this page provided by Elizabeth Jeffs