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Thinking of Moving to Brittany?

No matter

how many books are read  . . . . .

how many discussions with others who have made the move to Brittany  . . . .

there are still many pitfalls. 

You can save a lot of time and stress by using our services. The business is run by a French National who has perfect English, having worked in the Channel Islands for many years and who has current and accurate knowledge of the French system.  German is also spoken fluently so German nationals can also be assisted.  Anglo-French Communication is registered with the French authorities and as such is legally obligated to meet their standards in providing a legitimate and accurate service to customers.


Services Offered

  • Connection of all amenities (water, electricity, gas, phone, internet)

  • Banking services (opening French bank accounts, obtaining a mortgage)

  • Subscriptions to house and car insurances

  • Health care (registering with CPAM, the French health service and arranging a top up insurance)

  • Bill management (setting up direct debits or normal payment)

  • Arranging timed deliveries (oil, gas, wood, etc)

  • Assisting with filling forms (carte de séjour, planning permissions, tax return, exchange of driving licence)

  • Enrolment of children in local schools

  • Re-registering cars

  • Secretarial work (drafting and typewriting correspondence)

  • Liaising with any third parties (neighbours, mairies, notaries, advocates, tradesmen, doctors, etc)

  • Interpretation and translation services

  • Introduction to recommended registered tradesmen, surveyors, architects, accountants, etc

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 Services offered to Professionals

  • Map of France, Tricolour and Eifel TowerAssistance with setting up businesses

  • Liaising with clients or suppliers

  • Acting as interpreter during business lunches and meetings.

  • Secretarial work (drafting and typewriting correspondence)

  • Interpretation and translation services

As most of queries can easily be dealt by phone or email, my services can be offered to clients all over France.

Although Anglo-French Communication do not offer legal advice we will visit  your notaire with you  when you discuss formalities  such as "promesse de vente", "acte de vente", "wills", etc and act as an interpreter.  We can liaise with the notaire and being a third party, we are not involved with the actual sale of  the property and thus are not seeking to make money from this aspect!  We only seek to facilitate negotiations explaining in English or German about what the purchaser is buying or signing!!


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Annual fee of €525 - 12 months of help for a stress free start in France!  A 6 month contract is also available.

Hourly rate of €35 - only pay for the time I work on your behalf.

This is a personal and confidential service.

Any matters are dealt with a professional manner and in very strict confidence.

Anglo-French Communication can help with problems not listed, no matter how small.

Anglo-French Communication works on your behalf, to make your life easier.


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Customer Comments


"Rachel's help in purchasing a house in Concarneau has been invaluable.  Not only has she acted at all times with great professional expertise and competence, but it has often felt more like having a reliable French friend than just a translator.  Whether that was expressed in making phone calls on our behalf to the Notaire, when it looked as if the purchase might unravel, or apparently arranging her life around our needs, it was good to know there was always someone at hand 'on our side'.  Best of all, perhaps, was that this was all done with great good humour, common sense, and understanding - even kindly tolerating my feeble attempts to speak French.  I would happily recommend her services to any one needing a translator in France.
 (The Rev'd) Lionel Stock - 29 Concarneau"

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I have known Rachel Gallard in a professional capacity for approximately 3 years. During that period I have employed Rachel’s business services in various ways. She has dealt with many difficult situations, on my behalf, because of language difficulties and French bureaucracy. These have included sale and purchase of properties, land exchange and purchase, in addition to meetings mayors, solicitors and surveyors, etc.  Apart from dealing with difficult complex problems, Rachel has always been available to assist me with everyday matters either by email or telephone.  I have always found her to be extremely friendly and polite. Rachel does not waste her time or your money. She gets straight to the “point” and deals with the problem quickly and efficiently.  

Annette K (35)

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Miss Gallard has carried out organisational and interpreter works for our company’s business activities in France for a number of years.   These have ranged from liaising with suppliers, to assisting with banking and government administrative matters, to attending in an interpreter capacity. Rachel has also assisted in my habitual property arranging for services and works to be carried out. She also strived to further my command of the French language during our meetings. Rachel and Anglo French Communication have always attended to our matters professionally, promptly and efficiently. Contacting her by telephone, e-mail or Fax is very easy and her response is exceptionally quick, which is important to us. For meetings she presents herself well and arrives on time – something many French lack.   Our engagement of her services is very wide but we have never felt the need to require extensive billing details as we trust her billing which we feel reasonable and value for money. We would have no reservations in recommending Rachel’s and Anglo French Communication’s services.  

Lance V. (Guernsey)  - Managing Director

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We moved to France in April 2006 and met Rachel in the January before we relocated. She has been invaluable in making our relocation to France as easy as possible and I am sure we would not have enjoyed the move as much,  if we had not had her help and advice.  When you move to another Country to have someone to assist in all the arrangements for electricity, insurance, medical registration etc it has been an invaluable service to us both.  She has definitely been our 'yellow pages' in the very best sense and her kindness and efficiency is something we would miss greatly. 
Terry & Chris Hurrell - Plouasne.

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Rachel assisted me after the death of my husband in France by accompanying me to two meetings with the Notaire.  She was tactful, discreet but firm in her approach and her assistance greatly appreciated.   This was a very difficult situation owing to the unfortunate way our home had been purchased some fifteen years before, when we had had no assistance or translation and the Acte de Vente differed from the original Compromis de Vente which had been described to us.  This resulted in inheritance problems.  How I wish we had had Rachel with us when we had signed that important document those years ago, as it would have avoided so many difficulties! I also look back to the many struggles we initially had with paperwork, electricity and rates let alone workmen and would have been so grateful for Rachel's help!  Her services would have saved a fortune.  A big thank you to Rachel for all her help.

Penny (22)


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Rachel Gallard,  La Basse Rivière, 22630 Evran, France

Telephone (0033) 2 96 27 43 16 Mobile: (0033) 62 61 09 908 worldwide

02 96 27 43 16 Mobile: 06 26 10 99 08 France


My office is based in Evran, 10 minutes from Dinan, 25 minutes from St Malo.

Office hours: 9 am to 5.30 pm

R.C.S. No: Dinan 451 165 955

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